Wednesday, February 28, 2024

The Great Energy Crisis – People

Experts Found: 11
Aboriginal rights, Northern treaty and land claims processes, Post-secondary education, Regional economic development

Distinguished Fellow and Director of Indigenous Affairs

Business cycles and the Canadian economy, Macroeconomics

Munk Senior Fellow (Economics)

Foreign Policy, Great Power Politics, NATO, Russia, Transatlantic relations, Ukraine

Director of the Transatlantic Program and Senior Fellow

Indigenous and Northern issues, Indigenous economic development

Senior Fellow and Director of Natural Resources, Energy and Environment

Domestic policy, Economics, Environment, Fiscal Policy

Senior Fellow

Indigenous economic opportunities and partnerships

Senior Fellow

Indo-Pacific geopolitics and trade, International energy policy

Senior Fellow

Indigenous Policy Program

Policy Analyst and Outreach Coordinator

Alliances, Defence, Foreign Policy, Indo-Pacific, International Security

Senior Fellow and Director of Foreign Affairs, National Defence and National Security

Economics, International fiscal policy, Tax, Trade

Distinguished Fellow

Indigenous Affairs, Indigenous economic reconciliation

Senior Fellow