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Brett Byers
Communications and Digital Media Manager
613-482-8327 x105

Skander Belouizdad
Communications Officer
613-482-8327 x111 

Experts Found: 57
Indigenous reconciliation, Natural resource development

Senior Fellow

Domestic policy, Economics, Environment, Fiscal Policy

Visiting Fellow

Canadian political traditions, Confederation, Founding Fathers

Munk Senior Fellow (Canadian political tradition)

Indigenous economic opportunities and partnerships

Senior Fellow

Arctic security, Canadian defence

Senior Fellow

Diversity and Empowerment

Senior Fellow

Indigenous Affairs, Indigenous economic development, Indigenous economic opportunities and partnerships, Indigenous economic reconciliation

Senior Fellow

Central and Eastern European politics, Cyber issues, Disinformation/propaganda, Human rights, Russian foreign policy

Senior Fellow

Indo-Pacific geopolitics and trade, International energy policy

Senior Fellow

Canada-Hong Kong policy

Ambassador on Canada-Hong Kong Policy

Indo-Pacific security, Maritime strategy, NATO

Munk Senior Fellow (Maritime strategy and the Indo-Pacific)

Border security, Contraband, Defence, Demographic change, Intelligence, International and global affairs, National security, Terrorism

Munk Senior Fellow (Defence and security)

Canada-China Relations, China, Human rights

Ambassador on Canada-China Policy

Life lease housing for seniors, New format retailing, Real estate finance, The provision of affordable housing

Munk Senior Fellow (Real estate and Housing)

Democracy, Development, GeoEconomics, Global Foreign Policy, International Order and Multilateral Institutions, International Security, Technology

Munk Senior Fellow & Director of the Foreign Policy and National Security Program

Indigenous Policy Program

Policy Analyst and Outreach Coordinator

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