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Linda Nazareth

: Senior Fellow for Economics and Population Change

Expert Overview

Linda Nazareth is MLI's Senior Fellow for Economics and Population Change. She is an economist, author, blogger, broadcaster and speaker. As the Principal of Relentless Economics Inc., she also provides specialized economics research and consultancy services to companies, non-profit organizations and governments. For over a decade, Linda was the Senior Economic Analyst for Business News Network (BNN) and Canada's only full-time on-air economist.  From the years of the boom through the aftermath of the crisis on Wall Street, she guided viewers through what was happening, and what they needed to know about what might happen next. Prior to joining BNN, Linda was a Senior Economist with CIBC, where she spent ten years honing her analytic skills and becoming a sought-after speaker and media commentator. Earlier in her career, she was an economist with the federal government, specializing in demographic and labour market forecasting.

Linda Nazareth's first book, The Ever After Effect: Waking Up From the "Boom" Years (Winding Stair Press, 2001) was  called "the first important book on the 1990s stock market boom" and "one of best books of the year on the Canadian economy". Her second, The Leisure Economy: How a Shift Away from the Work World Will Reshape Our Lives and Industries (Wiley, 2007) detailed the economic sea change that will result as baby boomers retire and the 'time-crunch economy' turns into the  'the leisure economy'.

Linda's third book, The Twist: Finding Your Way in the Post-Everything Economy will be published in 2013.  In it, she will looks at the way the path of the world economy got twisted once, why it is going to be twisted again – and what businesses and consumers needs to understand to stay ahead of the curves.

Linda holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a Master of Arts in Economics, both from the University of Toronto. She is a frequent speaker to business groups, translating economic forecasts into information that can be used for their planning purposes.

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