Saturday, June 15, 2024

Centre for Advancing Canada's Interests Abroad – People

Experts Found: 8
Chinese state-owned enteprises, Economic and tax policy

Munk Senior Fellow (Chinese economy and investment)

China, Chinese political warfare, Civil society, Cross-Strait relations, Democracy, East Asian security, Intelligence, Media studies, People's Liberation Army, Taiwan

Senior Fellow

Central and Eastern European politics, Cyber issues, Disinformation/propaganda, Human rights, Russian foreign policy

Senior Fellow

Border security, Contraband, Defence, Demographic change, Intelligence, International and global affairs, National security, Terrorism

Munk Senior Fellow (Defence and security)

Alliances, Defence, Foreign Policy, Indo-Pacific, International Security

Senior Fellow and Director of Foreign Affairs, National Defence and National Security

Canada-US relations, European security, NATO

Senior Fellow

Canadian foreign policy, Human rights, International Security, Multilateralism, The Arctic

Senior Fellow

Canadian and American foreign and defence policy, Defence procurement, Modern airpower

Senior Fellow