Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Hot topic: Canada’s new anti-terrorism legislation, Bill C-51

BillC-51Websitemage1920x1714-03-15In January 2015, the government introduced new legislation aimed at expanding the powers of Canada’s anti-terrorism bodies to counter a growing threat.

Bill C-51 became immediately controversial, leading to a strong emotional reaction on both sides of the debate.

MLI attempted to dial down some of the hype surrounding the bill with the release of “C-51: An Analysis Without The Hype Or Hysteria“. Author Scott Newark, a former security adviser with the federal and Ontario governments, says the bill is a measured response to a dangerous threat that respects individual privacy while still protecting collective security.

The commentary received coverage from the CBC and Victoria radio station CFAX 1070.

MLI Senior Fellow Christian Leuprecht also provided extensive analysis of the bill in the Globe and Mail and on CTV News Channel.