Monday, June 24, 2024

Dragon at the Door – People

Experts Found: 8
Security and Defence in the Indo-Pacific

Distinguished Fellow

China, Chinese political warfare, Civil society, Cross-Strait relations, Democracy, East Asian security, Intelligence, Media studies, People's Liberation Army, Taiwan

Senior Fellow

Border security, Contraband, Defence, Demographic change, Intelligence, International and global affairs, National security, Terrorism

Munk Senior Fellow (Defence and security)

Canada-China Relations, China, Human rights

Ambassador on Canada-China Policy

Alliances, Defence, Foreign Policy, Indo-Pacific, International Security

Senior Fellow and Director of Foreign Affairs, National Defence and National Security

Canada-India Relations, Cyber issues, Foreign Policy, Indo-Pacific

Senior Fellow

Canadian foreign policy, Indo-Pacific, Indo-Pacific security, Japanese Foreign Policy

Senior Fellow

Human rights, Indigenous rights, Taiwan and the Indo-Pacific

Senior Fellow