The journey ahead: The next steps for reconciliation after the papal visit

The July 2022 visit of Pope Francis was both historic and vital for Indigenous peoples. The trip was built around a series of apologies for the church's role in residential schools and the colonization of Indigenous peoples more generally. This webinar explores the significant and potential impact of the Pope's recent visit from two perspectives: […]

Hydrogen: An opportunity for German-Canadian partnership

When German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met in Canada recently, they announced their intention to work together on providing a stable and secure supply of a new type of energy to meet German demand: hydrogen. Though still in its nascent stages, there are unique economic and security opportunities for both countries […]

Breaking down barriers: The benefits and trade-offs of liberalizing internal trade

Annually, Canada’s economy loses billions of dollars of productivity due to a web of rules, regulations, and restrictions between provinces. However, solving Canada’s internal trade woes has remained a stubborn problem. How can the provinces untie this trade knot? One potential solution is mutual recognition - that is, a policy whereby regulatory requirements met for […]

Critical race theory: Useful paradigm or fringe ideology?

 In recent years, critical race theory (CRT) has grown to influence how people and institutions around the world approach matters of identity, inequality, patriotism, and more. Canada is no exception. CRT has influenced government legislation, corporate employment practices, and public education. However, despite its influence, CRT remains relatively unexamined in Canada. For many, the […]

Meeting the North Korea challenge: Regional security and human rights

 North Korea continues to be a significant regional security threat in the Indo-Pacific region with a sustained and evolving weapons of mass destruction (WMD) program and growing ballistic missile arsenal. In addition to this regional security challenge, Pyongyang remains one of the most repressive countries in the world. According to Human Rights Watch, authorities […]

Competition law reform in Canada: Risks and opportunities

With the rise of the digital economy, the prominence of “big tech” has raised an important question: does competition law need a fundamental rethink? Or can more modest changes allow longstanding tools to be effectively applied to promote competition to the benefit of consumers? This fall, the federal government will be launching a consultation on […]

Korean Peninsula Peace Forum 2022: Canada’s role in the Korean Peninsula and the Indo-Pacific

Delta Hotels Ottawa City Centre​ 101 Lyon St. N,, Ottawa, Ontario

The Peaceful Unification Advisory Council (PUAC) Toronto ( is hosting a forum to bring together influential Canadians in politics, diplomacy, foreign affairs, defence, business, academia and media to discuss the opportunities and challenges of Korea and Canada partnership in the Indo-Pacific and Canada’s role in the Korean peninsula’s peace process. Canada’s Role in the Korean Peninsula […]

My Duty to Not Stay Silent – A Documentary by Vladimir Kara-Murza

180 Wellington 180 Wellington St room 325, Ottawa, Ontario

MLI is proud to co-sponsor the screening of this film, particularly given the Institute's friendship with Vladimir Kara-Murza and considering the vital role that he and others have played in standing up to tyranny. Due to the fact that MLI as organization and many of our fellows have been sanctioned or blacklisted by Russia, we understand acutely just how vital the thought leadership of activists like Kara-Murza is and how precarious it can be to undertake such work. 

Canada and Cuba in the context of expanding global authoritarianism

Cuba today is experiencing a unique historical moment. For the first time in more than six decades, a new generation of young people have started to demand their rights in a public and peaceful way. This nascent culture of peaceful resistance requires international support and solidarity to be successful. The Cuban regime through its repressive […]

On the frontline of European democracy: A conversation with Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya

Not since the end of the Cold War has democracy in Europe been so imperilled by authoritarians. Following its corrupt and fraud-mired 2020 election, Belarus has slid further into repression. A mass protest movement of Belarusians sought to challenge the illegitimate election results, but the regime brought its brutality to bear to quash all democratic […]

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