Sunday, July 21, 2024

The Endless Indigenous Water Controversy

For more than a decade, The Government of Canada has placed a high priority on bringing clean, safe and reliable water supplies to Indigenous communities across the country. While considerable […]

The West in Confederation: What’s Behind Western Restlessness?

In the past few years, the combination of Albertan assertiveness, First Nations' engagement, Saskatchewan's social policy activism, and Manitoba's political transitions have attracted national attention. Yet most Canadians outside the […]

The Notwithstanding Clause: Use It – or Lose It?

In recent years, provincial governments have turned with increasing frequency to Section 33 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms - otherwise known as the notwithstanding clause - to […]

Indigenous Peoples and Critical Minerals

 The global demand for critical minerals has placed unprecedented pressure on Indigenous groups and governments to approve and fast track resource development projects. This is particularly the case in […]

First Nations and the energy to succeed

Indigenous communities have unique and incredibly complex relationships with the oil, gas and pipeline sectors. Media coverage emphasizes - and distorts - Indigenous engagement by focusing on the comparatively small […]

The Role of Clean Fuels in an Energy Transition

 From a wide variety of energy policy perspectives – be it reliability, affordability, security or redundancy – we will continue to need not just electrons but also molecules to […]

Exploring Innovation in Canadian Health Care

 Canadian health care is in crisis. Wait-lists grow, while Canadians cannot find a family doctor or access much-needed medicines and treatments. Governments have poured billions into the system as […]