Friday, March 31, 2023

Shawn Whatley

: Munk Senior Fellow (Healthcare Policy)


Dr. Shawn Whatley served as the past President of the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) and has wide-ranging knowledge and experience in the field of healthcare policy. He is also the author of the highly-praised book on how to fix emergency wait times in Canada, No More Lethal Waits.

Much of his early career was spent in leadership in emergency medicine (Chief then Medical Program Director), where he gained valuable insights into what was and was not working in the Canadian healthcare system. Shawn’s work has also covered a broad swath of medicine and health, including serving as a coroner and work in a vein clinic, nuclear cardiac stress testing, clinical trials, and cardiac surgical assisting.

At present, he runs a small rural family practice and is a frequent commentator on health issues in Canada.

Shawn Whatley's work for MLI

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