Jamil Jivani

: Senior Fellow


Jamil Jivani is an award-winning lawyer and author, who serves as the Government of Ontario’s first-ever advocate for Community Opportunities. He also leads a youth-focused research nonprofit, Road Home Research & Analysis, which is supported by the Pinball Clemens Foundation, and hosts a weekly radio show, “Tonight with Jamil Jivani” on Newstalk 1010.

Jamil has appeared extensively in international and national media, including the BBC, CBC, ABC (Australia), Fox News, NPR, CTV News, Breakfast Television, SBS Viceland, CP24, and Global News. He has also published in the New York Post, Toronto Star, National Post, Fox News, Quillette, Daily Caller, The Walrus, City Journal, The Guardian, and Policy Options.

Jamil has received the following recognitions: 2014 CivicAction Diversity Fellow, 2015 Canadian Association of Black Lawyers young lawyer of the year, 2016 Thomson Reuters zenith award for leadership in diversity and inclusion, 2017 International Development and Relief Foundation youth leadership award, 2018 York University "one to watch" alumni award.

Jamil Jivani's work for MLI

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